DPF tools

  • DPF Workbench, Eclipse plugin
  • Web DPF a web based tool implemented i Java script
  • DPF text a textual modelling tool implemented in Scala

DPF Workbench

Download version 0.0.1 of the DPF Workbench (Eclipse plug-in) from the following update-site:

DPF Update Package(Latest version)

Download the package, install the plugins to your eclipse (The eclipse should contains Eclipse Modeling Tools) by choosing the menus “Help->Install New Software…”. In the Install diaglog, click “Add” botton then click “Archive” button to choose your download file.

Alternatively you can download repackaged Eclipse distributions with DPF already installed:



Q: Cannot find the system Java compiler.

  1. Run javac command to check if  JDK, not only JRE, is installed
  2. Further check Eclipse configuration by Help–>About Eclipse–>Installation Details–>Configuration to see if
  • Eclipse is running with the JRE contained by the installed JDK (check java.home)
  • The system enviroment variable PATH contains the directory of tools.jar which is contained in the installed JDK (check java.library.path)

Q:How to design you own predicate?

    1. Design your predicate with Signature Editor
    2. For the semantics definition of a predicate, you can choose use Java, OCL and Alloy.
      • The Java Interface for defining the semantics of a predicate

boolean check(Map<String, String> paras, Graph graph,
Map<Node, List<Node>> nodeMap, Map<Arrow, List<Arrow>> arrowMap)

      • paras: the values for the parameters of the predicate
      • graph: the arity of the predicate
      • nodeMap, arrowMap: the elements in an instance which are mapped by the elements in the arity of the predicate

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